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Student Testimonials

Employer Testimonials

Mellina Ngwira recently attended a Super Domestics cookery course. Alongside is a review from her employer.

Julie Miller

Mellina recently made fish cakes and the spinach and feta quiche from your recipes and the whole family loved them!

All the best,
Julie Miller

27 June 2019

Lindiwe Sibanda
Lindiwe Sibanda
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Sandy Lewis

Thanks a million times for teaching Lindiwe over the past six weeks. Not only could I see that the course gave her a sense of pride and accomplishment, but we have enjoyed fabulous, tasty meals. She has made all of the recipes for us at home and we love the food.

With huge appreciation,
Sandy Lewis.

9 March 2018

Sandy Lewis

After having completed your baking course, Lindiwe is so enthusiastic about her baking at home and is producing the most delicious treats. We are thrilled! Thanks so much for your time and tuition - it has meant a lot to Lindi and in turn to us.

All the best,
Sandy Lewis

18 June 2019


Thelma Kotze

Thank you for the wonderful work that you have been doing with Dazy. It is amazing to see how she has developed over the last few weeks.

We will be enrolling her for the Cooking class that starts late in April.

7 March 2017

Houseman arranging big cutlery drawer
Houseman Arranging Cutlery
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Karin Arnold

James came back very positive and excited from the class and yes he did some cleaning yesterday like I have not seen before! Best of all he is very proud of his cleaning efforts.

Thank you!

6 February 2014

Babysitting Skills Taught at Super Childminding
Our Super Childminding Course Results in a Skilled and Confident Au Pair

Louise Usher

My child-minder recently attended the Super Childminding Course provided by Super Domestics. I was thrilled by the level of detail provided in the training; and the appropriateness to the everyday requirements of caring for young children. Despite the rather technical nature of some the material (for example, the treatment of burns), the content was delivered in a meaningful and practical manner with exercises or take home work used to reinforce the learning. All the content was extremely relevant, and was a helpful reminder not just for my childminder but also for me! Course material and content aside, I also took note of her enjoyment of the course, the interaction and professionalism. I have seen a new energy since attending the course and a new level of confidence – as a valued family member, her enjoyment is a key point for me. Lastly, the length of the course (a morning a week for 6 weeks) seemed appropriate and manageable.

April 2013

Queen, Sarah Brown and Sarah's three young children
Sarah Brown with Queen and Sarah's three young children
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Emily Brown, Queen and Edward Brown in the Garden
Emily Brown, Queen and Edward Brown in their Garden
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Sarah Brown

With three small children and a home to keep up, I confess every day that my life would be quite different had I not found Queen through Super Domestics. I have complete peace of mind in all regard with Queen - she is loved by our children and my home is always kept the way I would have it if I had the time to do all the chores! We often comment how Queen is now completely part of the family and we truly hope that she will grow old with us. The kind of trust, loytalty and love that exists between Queen and ourselves is incredibly rare so we are blessed. The match between employee and employer was perfect thanks to the screening and interview process. Thank you Super Domestics!

The courses and training that Queen was sent on really gave her a sense of pride and confidence in her job - she not only honed her domestic skills, but really understood her importance in our family. Once she understood how much her role was valued and respected in our family, there was never, ever a question of commitment and reliability. She is always there for us without question - a priceless asset, particularly where young children are involved. My husband and I can have some sort of normal life despite three children under three years of age!

5 October 2009

Sarah Mkwanazi with Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes and Pumpkin
Sarah, Domestic Helper for the Hochreiter family
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Gail Hochreiter

During the course of the past 13 years, two of my domestic helpers have attended numerous cooking and baking courses at Super Domestics with Sandy Green.  They both became highly proficient in the kitchen and were able to cook and bake for my family on a completely independent basis after attending Sandy’s courses.  The courses are extremely well structured with a great variety of recipes which are very easy to follow, nutritious and most importantly, tasty and delicious.  Sandy herself is an ex-teacher with many years of experience in the teaching field.  I have personally observed a number of Sandy’s classes and have found that she has an excellent rapport with her students, she is positive, patient and has a genuine desire to pass on her extensive knowledge.  One is able to choose from a wide variety of courses at Super Domestics which include training in Home Management, Conversational English, Mending and of course, Cooking and Baking.  Sandy is personally involved with the teaching of each course, which is of great benefit to her students.  I would highly recommend that you consider sending your domestic helper and/or houseman to one or more of Sandy’s courses – you will be more than delighted with the result!

Presentation of Certificate
Presentation of Certificate
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Ronnie Scher

Sandy is a warm, friendly person with a genuine desire to help you find staff suited to your needs. She gave invaluable advice and help in this regard.

Contact number: 083 326 3623
10 August 2009

Murray Haywood

I would truly like to thank you for the transformation you have made on Aron. Due to his good nature, and previously only having worked in a garden, I was willing to take him on in the house. I enrolled him into Super Domestics courses, where he has excelled and graduated with a gold certificate. Not only have you changed his life, you certainly have changed mine. Aron is a true housekeeper after attending Home Management, Advanced Home Management, Cookery 1 and 2, Chinese cooking and also baking which he does regularly. I would certainly like to thank you and encourage other "employers" to make their lives a lot easier. You can be assured I am happy I did.

17 August 2009