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Student learning how to use a sewing machine
Use of Sewing Machine Taught
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Pinning up a Hem
Pinning up a Hem
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Mending - Course Outline

Our "Stitch in Time" Household Mending classes take place once a week for 4 weeks from 8.45 am to 12 noon.

An outline of the Mending course is as follows:

Week 1

Equipment required
Basic sewing machine parts
Straight stitching
Zig-zag stitching

Week 2

Reinforcing hems, tears or buttons
Buttons (reinforcing and replacing 2 holes, 4 holes, shank)
Press studs
Running stitch
Back stitch

Week 3

Hooks & eyes
Blanket stitch
Button holes

Week 4

Reinforcing tears in preparation for darning
Use of patches
Darning  (reinforcing)
Replacing elastic