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Award Ceremony, Super Domestics
Sandy Green & Course Member: Award ceremony
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Queen - Nanny to 3 Children
Queen - Nanny to 3 Children
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Rinsing Pasta
Student on Cookery Course
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Super Domestics

Link to Facebook
Link to Facebook

Super Domestics is owned and run by Sandy Green, a qualified teacher by profession. The business is based in Johannesburg and has been running successfully since the late 1990s.

We teach all the necessary skills required in Home Management, and our Cookery and Baking classes make for an interesting culinary experience.  Mending and Conversational English are two additional courses we run. Unfortunately, we no longer run a placement service for Domestic staff. On completion of any of our courses, a certificate is awarded to each delegate who has attended the course. Please contact us for a breakdown of fees and payment options for our courses.

Sandy recently introduced a Super Childminding course. Click here to read more about the course.

How rewarding it is to know that we are making a significant difference in the lives of so many employers and their employees.  Our regular contact with our past and present delegates and employers confirms that our courses are lifting morale, boosting confidence, and generally motivating our Domestic workers to feel that they are  significant members of the household.

To enjoy peace of mind, leave your training to us. Our courses are hands on, informative, educational and fun.  The individual is catered for as we pride ourselves in keeping the groups small and manageable, allowing for individual attention.

Lady on course at table
Practical Involvement
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Student learning to fold sheets
Learning to Fold a Fitted Sheet
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