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Advanced Home Management Course Outline

Houseman folding linen
Houseman folding linen
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Ironing Pleats
Learning to Iron Pleats
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Essential Home Management - Course Outline

Essential Home Management classes take place once a week for 5 weeks from 8.45 to 12 noon. Please bring an overall, apron & head covering. Super Domestic aprons – optional extra.

We are also offering a Mini Home Management course which covers sessions 2, 3 and 4 of the Essential Home Management course. This course will be held once a week over a period of 3 weeks.

An outline of the Essential Home Management course is as follows:

Week 1

Communication & courtesy
Cultural differences
Etiquette in the home
Home security
Non-wastage in the home
Personal hygiene
Hygiene in the home

Week 2

Keeping equipment and appliances clean
Cleaning duties
Practical cleaning
Care of house plants
Care of pets
Card making

Week 3

Time management
Planning housework
How to plan a roster
Basic tea tray setting
Simple table setting
Folding serviettes

Week 4

Use of detergents
Washing - sorting, treating stains
Hanging garments
Packing cupboards

Week 5

Care of & making beds
Child safety
Basic first aid in the home
How to complile shopping lists