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Essential Home Management
Course Outline

Practising First Aid
Students practising First Aid
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Setting the table
Learning to set the table
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Advanced Home Management - Course Outline

The Advanced Home Management course follows on from the Essential Home Management course and is held once a week over 5 weeks. Guest speakers come in on invitation to share their expert knowledge and to add variety to the course. Please bring an overall, apron & head covering. Super Domestic aprons – optional extra.

An outline of the Advanced Home Management course is as follows:

Week 1

Observation skills
Advanced telephone skills & message taking
Security procedure
Talk on security by police

Week 2

Simple home maintenence
Spring cleaning
How to clean major appliances
Handy household cleaning hints
Use of fire extinguishers – talk by a professional

Week 3

Childcare & child safety in the home
Additional first aid
Cpr – demonstration by a professional

Week 4

Colour co-ordinates
Table setting for dinner
Serving at table - basic principles
Special table settings

Week 5

Menu planning
Healthy packed lunches
Arranging flowers
Household mishaps & what to do
How to be a “super domestic”

Fire Extinguishers
Students learn to use a fire extinguisher
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